Nineteen years young!

Welcome to the 19th Annual Nevada City Film Festival. Every year since the new millenium arrived visitors have enjoyed world-class independent films from across the globe in a truly festive environment. Join us this year for a particularly stunning lineup of movies, workshops and, of course, parties! Enjoy the beautiful Sierra Foothills, meet the filmmakers and figure out how to never leave.

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So is there really magic in them hills?

I keep hearing about Nevada City being the next place to disappear and get your spiritual & creative kicks realigned. In fact I've been hearing of NC as the 'next' forever. So, what's up with a tiny gold-rush town that breathes in dreamers and breathes out such talents as Joanna Newsom, Jonathan Dayton, and Tahiti Pehrson? And why are its residents so pleased that we never actually become the next big thing?

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19 Years exploring independent film!

(and just a few parties!)