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Please note: Due to licensing restrictions all showings at The Onyx Theatre are age 21+


For those who enjoy the occasional stroll along the cinematic road-less- traveled, here is a collection of short films curated to amuse, illuminate, celebrate and (possibly) shock. Preconceptions and expectations may be checked at the door with our friendly staff. Films include: Hair Wolf, Onze, Visitor, Juck, Glucose, Serving Joy, Fanman’s Basement, Big Paradise, Play the Bones, Room 6

Friday, September 7 @ 9:25pm @ Onyx Theatre plus Filmmaker Q&A
Saturday, September 8 @ 10pm @ Nevada Theatre plus Filmmaker Q&A
Thursday, September 13 @ 9:25pm @ Onyx Theatre

Please note the Onyx Theatre is 21+


How much of our lives is shaped by decisions and events beyond our control or even our ability to see, and how much is created by the choices we ourselves make, big and small, each moment of each day? The interplay between these two questions is a common thread connecting these five dynamic short films, whose settings span the earth from India to Central Africa to Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach. Films include: Imfura, Eye Test, Padrones, Bargain, Waiting

Saturday, September 8 @ 1:00pm
Monday, September 10 @ 1:00pm
Tuesday, September 11 @ 9:25pm
Wednesday, September 12 @ 9:25pm

All showings @ Onyx Theatre, 21+

“J O U R N E Y S ”

A whirlwind tour of exotic locales and personalities. Young women make cultural waves via mountain biking together in the Himalayan valley near Kathmandu. Modern nomadic life in Central Asia plays out against the backdrop of ancient myth. The solitude of nature is at once a calling, a shrine and a challenge to the heart. Films include: Moksha, Shinrin-Yoku (Forest Bathing), Off the Grid, Too-Tash, M1-K0, Belonging, Richard, Beneath the Ink

Friday, September 7 @ 4:25pm
Sunday, September 9 @ 1:25pm
Thursday, September 13 @ 7:25pm

All showings @ Onyx Theatre, 21+ 
plus Filmmaker Q&A


True stories, told often in reflection, as memory or tradition, or a way of reckoning with the past. A singer- songwriter seeks a father she’s never known. A survivor of 20th Century calamity quietly reveals his secrets in the flickering blue light of television reruns. Patrons of a dance hall in rural North Dakota mark the end of a way of life. Masked crews from the favelas of Rio de Janeiro bring both color and violence to Carnival. Films include: The is Bate Bola, Homeless: The Soundtrack, The Andrew Macy Show, Last Dance of Johnson’s Barn, Centenarian, Crisanto Street

Monday, September 10 @ 1:25pm
Wednesday, September 12 @ 7:25pm

All showings @ Onyx Theatre, 21+


Prizewinning and Audience Favorite Animated Films for Children’s Film Festival Seattle 2018 Dive into exciting adventures, vibrant colors and exquisite storytelling with this timeless collection of 11 animated films from 9 countries. Chase a kite into a mysterious cave, discover how to light up a dark forest, fill up a marvelous hole in the ground, soar with a flock of birds, discover the way to wake up a whole town, swim with a magnificent Orca, and discover all the things that make you special!

Saturday, September 8 @ 11:30am @ Nevada Theatre


To encounter another person is to view life from a different angle, through new eyes. It can also be an opportunity to better know oneself. In the five short films of this program we find people discovering or rediscovering each other, meeting in intimate ways, and from there the stories emerge. Films include: Cowboy, Failure, After the Conversation They Say Goodbye with an Embrace, Medusa, Dinner With a Stranger

Friday, September 7 @ 1:00pm Tuesday, September 11 @ 1:00pm Thursday, September 13 @ 4:00pm

All showings @ Onyx Theatre, 21+


What is it about animation that can actually heighten the “realness” of a film’s impact on our hearts and minds? A topic such as an unplanned pregnancy in a fledgling relationship somehow gains emotional punch as stop-action claymation. A real-life drama of post- WWII Nazi hunters becomes even more gripping when stylized into the noir-ish spy thriller “The Driver is Red”. By turn beautiful, comical, outrageous and poignant, the NCFF’s program of animated shorts always spans genres and defies cliché. Films include: Late Afternoon, The Driver is Red, Nevada, Dot-Everybody Dances to Techno, Agua Viva, Weekends, Aki, Between the Lines

Saturday, September 8 @ 7:25pm
plus Filmmaker Q&A
Tuesday, September 11 @ 4:25pm
Thursday, September 13 @ 1:25pm

All showings @ Onyx Theatre, 21+