Our Festival.

NCFF screens almost 100 films, including comedies, dramas, documentaries, animation, and international shorts, in a variety of historic locations in downtown Nevada City. By combining creative programming of short and full-length films, enthusiastic audiences and a truly festive environment, NCFF has become known as one of the most innovative, fun and artist-friendly events on the film festival circuit. In addition to creating a one-of-a-kind experience for both the audience and filmmaker, NCFF offers terrific opportunities to network and forum.


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Rules of the NCFF

This is the Wild West and there are no rules, right? Well, here's a couple guidelines to make your experience better than your wildest westest dreams:


First rule of business in this town in FUN. We aim to make that the case whether you’re lining up for a show, wandering the town between screenings or getting lost at midnight.

  • Make Friends
  • Eat Ice Cream
  • Play


You’re going to leave this festival wanting to make a movie, regardless of whether you know your Bolex from your Botox.

  • Ask Questions
  • Keep a Journal
  • Meet a Filmmaker


Enjoy everything in moderation. No falling off the balcony or ditching in the river please.

  • Apply Sunscreen
  • Drink Water
  • Don’t OD on Popcorn