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Nevada City Film Festival is proud to offer our community the unique experience of viewing some of the most beloved films of our time under the glorious trees of Nevada County as part of our aptly-named Movies Under The Pines series.

In order to ensure you receive maximum viewing pleasure we have a few suggestions to offer. With guidance from our tried and true experts, you and your friends and family will marvel at how wonderful a time you had, creating summer memories to last a lifetime. Or at least until next summer.

NCFF Department of Awesomeness presents HOW TO MOVIE UNDER THE PINES

1. Sure it may be summertime in California but that doesn’t mean it can’t get a little chilly after dark. You’d be wise to dress in layers, and bring blankets to get all cuddly in. Pillows and sleeping bags aren’t a bad idea either.

2. Along the same lines, you’re welcome to bring a thermos of hot chocolate or coffee with you so long as you haven’t spiked it with Grandpa’s cough medicine. (We mean it when we say “no outside alcohol.”) Beer and wine – along with popcorn, non-alcoholic drinks and snacks – will be for sale. No need to weigh yourself down with extraneous weight.

3. Remember those red wagons we had as kids? The ol’ Radio Flyers? They make great vessels for transporting your stuff (think blankets, low-back chairs, tarps, etc) from vehicle to your chosen spot. Think of it like going to the beach, but in the dark and there’s no body of water or beefcake lifeguards.

4. This winter found our locations soaked with water. While a blessing in so many ways, the ground – especially at the Pioneer Park Bandshell – hasn’t quite recovered completely from the floods. If you have access to a tarp, you should bring it to sit on. Covered with a few blankets or towels, this makes for an ideal way to enjoy the film in the lap of luxury comfort.

5. That awesome tent you purchased for all of your outdoor needs this summer? Yeah, maybe save it for camping. You don’t want to block the view of others, do you? You don’t. Don’t be that guy.

6. Some of the movies we are screening this year have a little – or a lot of – colorful language (we’re looking at you, The Big Lebowski). Please keep this in mind when considering whether to bring children or those who may be sensitive to such a thing. We’d hate for you to find yourself in an awkward moment of explanation.

7. For all MUTP screenings, gates open at 7pm and the film will begin around 8:30pm, or dusk. We recommend arriving as close to 7 as possible to ensure you find a great spot and get settled in before the movie begins. Again, you don’t want to be “that guy”.

8. Have fun. This is the most important rule we can stress. Kick back, relax and enjoy the Movies Under The Pines.

THE END…for now
Anyone have any recommendations or suggestions from past MUTP experiences? Please share.

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