Nevada City Film Festival Youth Film Council

Jesse LocksNews

The Nevada City Film Festival is sponsoring a weekly club/workshop for teenagers to learn about filmmaking and different forms of media. This includes viewing films and learning the steps to creating films such as writing screenplays, filming and editing, submitting your films to film festivals, and promoting and marketing your film. We plan to come up with a group project that everyone would be interested in doing. This would be a creative endeavor, but mostly an enjoyable experience. So if you are interested in photo shoots, filming, writing, editing and creating; please join us on Wednesday afternoons. There is no cost for this workshop. Just bring your camera (if you have one) and join the fun.

What: Youth Film Council
When: Wednesday 4 – 6, April 19-May 24
Who: Teenagers, 13-17 years old
Where: Nevada City Film Festival, Floor 1, 110 Union Street, Floor, Nevada City
Cost: Free
Contact: or (530) 362-8601